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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ANYONE Can Provide Distance Healing!

This week a small handful of people all contacted me seperately wanting to know about one particular topic - distance healing. Specifically they were wishing to perform distant healings for those in need, but were unsure whether or not someone could do so without Reiki Level II training.

Since this seemed to be on many minds, and I think the answer is important for people to know, I felt it appropriate to write a little on the topic.


All it takes to do so is the firm belief that one can do it, coupled with the intent to do so. Period. Focus on your intent and then send healing energy their way. That's it!

This question comes up alot for students of Reiki, as they know that with Reiki Level II training one receives a distance healing symbol. Therefore the logic follows that without said symbol one would not necessarily be able to heal remotely. This is simply not the case. It always makes me sad to hear Reiki I students say "I really want to be sending healing to this relative/friend who lives far away, but I haven't been able to get my Reiki II yet". Don't let the mystique of symbols keep you from using your energy to heal! The energy is complete in and of itself, your Reiki I energy can do the same thing as my Reiki III Master-Teacher energy! It all comes down to confidence and intent.

So what's up with the Reiki distance symbol anyway then? The Reiki distance healing symbol was put in place within the system in order to help new practitioners learn to have confidence in their ability to send distance healings. It represents one particular method to providing healing energy to someone far away. It is certainly not the only way, and Reiki practitioners need not wait to send to healing energy remotely until they have the symbol. One main reason that distance healing is not presented until the 2nd level of Reiki training, is that one doesn't wish to overwhelm the new student with methods and techniques - Reiki I is about getting in touch with the energy, getting confident in channeling it, and learning the basic hand positions. But that does not mean that the energy is limited by the student's limited background.

Another reason that distance healing is not taught until Level II is that it takes many students a good while to feel confident with the fact that subtle energy healing works and is powerful. Coming to terms with that fact can be difficult for many, but then taking the jump that this same energy can be effective when the recipient is not present is even harder for them to accept. It's interesting to think that there's been such a blockage against thinking that such things can be so, when it's common belief that people can be prayed for from any distance and still have it be effective. Sending healing energy and sending prayer energy works on the same principles - belief and intent. Believe the energy will get to the recipient, and send the energy/prayer along with the intent for it to reach them. But some people still need a bit more help getting to the belief part when it comes to healing energy, and so enters the Reiki distance healing symbol to facilitate that very thing. In many ways the Reiki distance healing symbol is the "Dumbo's feather" and "training wheels" of remote healing - and I mean that in the most endearing way possible.

If a Reiki I practitioner is interested in sending healing energy along to someone who is not present, all they need to is set their intent for the energy to flow to them and then beam the energy. If you'll feel more confident in having an outside visual reference for your intended recipient, then feel free to use a photograph of them, or even simply write their name on a piece of paper. You can then beam Reiki into that surrogate, or hold it in your hands as you send energy directly into it with the intention for the healing to reach them.

If you are not attuned to Reiki, or have not been trained in another energetic healing modality and you still would like to send healing energy to another here is a quick way to do so effectively and without draining your own personal energy stores:

Take a few minutes to relax and center yourself.

When you are ready, imagine that your crown chakra is open to the Universal energies that flow through all things - imagine that you are connected to the chi, ki, prana, ruach, tao, force.

Spend a few moments feeling the sensation of that energy flowing into you from your crown, and down through your spinal column/chakra string. Imagine yourself as a tube THROUGH which this energy is flowing freely and strongly.

When you've got that image and sensation strongly in mind, then let your root chakra open you up to the Earth energies below you.

Feel those grounding energies flow up your spinal column/chakra string, mixing with the Universal energies and creating a stable equilibrium of vibrant energy.

Now imagine that two more "tubes" grow off of this central column of energies which go down each arm and exit through your palm chakras.

Spend a few minutes letting the energies of Earth and Universe flow THROUGH you and out THROUGH your arms.

When you are firmly connected to this energy, and feel confident that you are acting as a conduit for these infinite healing energies -turn your consciousness to the person/place/thing/situation that you wish to send healing to. If you can visualize them/it or otherwise make a strong mental connection to them, then simply intend that the energy flow to them. If you need an outside visual, then a photograph or other representative (their name on a paper) will do fine - simply send your energy into that surrogate item with the intent that it flows to the target itself through the medium of that item. If you'd like to hold the surrogate in your hands while you do so, feel free to.

Stay present with the energy as it flows. Eventually you will likely feel the flow start to lessen, &/or cease to flow altogether. Take that as a sign that the healing is completed for this session.

Let the energy stop flowing through your arms, bringing it back into the central spinal column/chakra string.

Gently close down the crown connection to the Universe with a thought of gratitude for it's infinite abundance.

Let all the excess energy flow downwards through you and into the Earth, grounding you as it goes. Let it flow out with gratitude for it's infinite abundance.

When you feel that you are back into a normal energetic state, allow your root to close.

Take a moment to come back to your center, and then back into wakeful consciousness.

I hope that this has inspired many of you to begin sending healing energy to people and places far and wide, whether or not you've had any formal training.

Our connection to the Infinite White Light is our divine birthright. We all can do it. We just have to remind ourselves that we can.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dedicating Merit After Healings & Meditations

In the Buddhist tradition there is a practice of "dedicating merit" that is both beautiful and useful to the healing practitioner or spiritual seeker, regardless of what faith they follow personally. It goes hand-in-hand with notions of karma, or cause and effect, as each act performed (either consciously or subconsciously) has an equal effect in both the personal microcosm and the universal macrocosm. Obviously like breeds like, so auspicious deeds create postitive energy, while inauspicious ones breed more complicated and troublesome energy.

The practice of dedicting merit is one undertaken at the conclusion of any spiritual or otherwise conscious acts of positivity. The time immediately following an uplifing or enlightening experience is the perfect time to send forth waves of gratitude, lovingkindness, and healing to others in need, as one is feeling particularly full of positive energy and in the mood to give and share selflessly. These windows in time are few and far between for many of us in our busy lives, so it is important to remember to take the time to share our good fortune and positivity, our merit, with others when we are able to give selflessly.

Many in the healing and spiritual communities regularly take time to send positive healing energy out to those in need, or to the Earth, or to the Universe as a whole - and this is an extremely important practice in our current times and global situation. However, it does not occur to many to share the energy of their personal experiences with the All. Implementing such a practice into one's healing work or spiritual discipline can be a wonderful way to more continuously aid others through our Lightwork.

"May all sentient beings be happy"

How can one begin practicing the dedication of merit? Well it's really extremely simple: you need only find a way to remind yourself to do so at the conclusion of each healing or meditation session. It can be as uncomplicated as simply saying:

"I dedicate the merit of this [experience/meditation/healing/etc] to the benefit of all sentient beings everywhere."

The wording of the Four Immeasurables from the Medicine Buddha Sadhana is more descriptive, but still very succint and beautiful, and reciting it while concentrating on offering up the energies of the healing or meditation for the benefit of others is another very straight-forward way to get started.

May all sentient beings have happiness and the causes of happiness.

May all sentient beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

May all sentient beings never be separated from the happiness which is without suffering.

May all sentient beings abide in equanimity, free from both attachment and hatred, holding some close and others distant

Merit can also be dedicated to specific people, or places, or situations that you may feel particularly passionate about at a given time. In fact many trace the beginnings of the dedication of merit this more personalized practice, which later evolved into the idea of dedicating it to all sentient beings.

You may be wondering why one would willingly give away merit that they had earned which could be used to help their personal evolution. Well it's actually very practical. You are a sentient being. Therefore merit dedicated to the benefit of sentient beings automatically benefits you as well as all the others. The theory behind the practice is learning to cultivate a worldview of unity, where everything is part of and connected to everything else. The idea of seperation and difference is an illusion that spiritual seekers are fairly universally trying to overcome, despite what religious tradition they may be practicing. Making sure to take the time to dedicate merit at the conclusion of any positive activity is an easy, but powerful way to reinforce that unified universalist perspective.

So next time you find yourself feeling joyful, take a moment and share that with the rest of the Universe. After having attained a restful and enlightening state through meditation or yoga or another spiritual practice, take a few moments at the end to dedicate those energies to others. At the close of a healing session, dedicate the merit to all sentient beings. You can make this into a small personal closing ritual by bringing your hands into prayer position over your heart, and visualizing waves of rose colored energy bursting from your heart and carrying the energy of lovingkindness, compassion, equanamity, and joy to all sentient beings everywhere. Do this with a smile and a grateful spirit, and see how this deepens your experience of your personal practices in the long run.

Only by giving things away, may we truely receive.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Creating an Energetically Cleared or Charged Space with Reiki and the Four Archangels

I've talked a bit before in this blog about the importance of practitioners keeping spiritually protected during treatments, and also about maintaining good spiritual hygene in one's healing space. There are very basic methods that pretty much anyone can employ to good effect - such as visualizing a protective bubble of White Light surrounding one's aura before a treatment, or smudging a healing space to help clear out stagnant or heavy energies that may have accumulated.

But these most elementary techniques can sometimes fall somewhat short in some situations. So what can one do to easily "up the ante" in the spiritual protection department? Today I will present an intermediate visualization ritual that can be used to clear or charge one's aura, or one's practice area. These are based on very well established methods of banishing unwanted energies and creating a protective sphere, as well as of super-charging that sphere with Light. A basic version can be carried out by any practitioner, or a more specific version can be utilized by those with Reiki II or IIIM-T training. As long as you are comfortable with the four Archangels - Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Uriel - you can use this method.

The general outline of this visualization will go thusly - after centering yourself, you establish the boundary of the sphere of space you want cleared and protected, and in some cases charged. This sphere can be as small as your aura, the room your practice healing in, or as large as a house. (Really the size of the sphere is only limited by your own imagination, but for the purposes of this visualization we'll stick to it surrounding either the aura or your healing space.) After establishing the boundaries of the sphere, which can be reinforced with Reiki symbols, or symbols of your personal faith, you will call in the four Archangels to either protect the sphere, or to aid in charging the sphere with Light. Once the sphere is attending by the angels, you re-affirm your center and can then proceed with your healing work.

Each of the four Archangels that we are going to be call upon, govern a particular quadrant of space. Namely North, South, East, or West. They also each govern the traditional element that is associated with that cardinal direction, North-Earth, South-Fire, East-Air, West-Water. By calling upon these four Archangels, you are also calling in the spiritual attributes of each element. Some of the major associations are regeneration, stability, and abundance for Earth; passion, transformation, and willpower for Fire; intellect, inspiration, and healing for Air; and emotions, intuition, unconscious and subconscious levels of being, and purification for Water. By clearing out old, stagnant, or otherwise unhelpful energies of each element and direction, and then calling on all four for a fresh influx of energy, you are essentially creating a clear and balanced sphere of all the elements and Divine energies in Creation. A perfect area for healing work to take place in!

Let's now outline the visualization. If it is the first time you will be performing this, take a few seconds beforehand to identify the four cardinal directions. If you are going to be doing this clearing for a healing space, you'll want to place yourself in the center of it before beginning. If it is just for your aura, then it can be performed anywhere. Feel free to burn any spiritually uplifting incense, such as frankincense or sandalwood. If you wish you can play calming background music, or light some candles - but essentially the only prop you need for this is your own imagination.

1)Stand in the center of the space facing East, and take a few seconds to calm and relax your body and mind with some slow, deep breaths.

2)When you are relaxed let your consciousness affirm your connection to Source in whatever way is most appropriate for you. This could be holding the hands in prayer position over the heart while chanting a mantra, or simply saying "Namaste" to the Universe. It could be reciting the Lord's Prayer. It could be anything that makes you strongly feel your connection to the Divine, and affirms to you that you are also Divine.

3)Once you are centered and connected, walk to where you want the boundary line to be in the East. If this is just for your aura, then the length of your arm will do. Once in the East point your index finger in front of you, imagining it lit up with Blue-White Light. If you are of a particular faith which has a central Divine symbol (the Hindu or Tibetan OM, the Christian Cross, the Wiccan banishing pentagram, etc) draw this symbol large in front of you, visualizing it being drawn with the Light. If you are a Reiki II practitioner, the CKR works very well for this. If you do not adhere to any particular faith, and are not a Reiki II practitioner, then simply strongly affirm the presence of the Light.

4)When you are finished drawing the symbol, strongly affirm the intent for the symbol & sphere to banish any unwanted energies. Then, bring your finger back into the center of the Eastern quadrant. Then continue to hold your finger level, drawing a line of Light around to the Southern quadrant (you are creating the equator of your sphere). At the South, repeat the drawing of the symbol, or affirmation of the Light.

5)When you are finished drawing the symbol, strongly affirm the intent for the symbol & sphere to banish any unwanted energies. Then, bring your finger back into the center of the Southern quadrant. Next, continue to hold your finger level, drawing a line of Light around to the Western quadrant (you are continuting the creation of the equator of your sphere). At the West, repeat the drawing of the symbol, or affirmation of the Light.

6)When you are finished drawing the symbol, strongly affirm the intent for the symbol & sphere to banish any unwanted energies. Then, bring your finger back into the center of the Western quadrant. Next, continue to hold your finger level, drawing a line of Light around to the Northern quadrant (you are continuting the creation of the equator of your sphere). At the North, repeat the drawing of the symbol, or affirmation of the Light.

7)When you are finished drawing the symbol, strongly affirm the intent for the symbol & sphere to banish any unwanted energies. Then, bring your finger back into the center of the Northern quadrant. Next, continue to hold your finger level, drawing a line of Light back around to the Eastern quadrant (you are completing the creation of the equator of your sphere).

8)When you reach the East, make sure to complete the circle of Light by coming to rest in the same spot that you started from. Affirm that the circle of Light is now complete. Now take a deep breath, and as you release it, concentrate on your intent to clear the sphere of unwanted energies while strongly visualizing that the line of Blue-White Light around you begins to expand, with the energy creating and filling both hemispheres upwards and downwards simultaneously. (If you have trouble visualizing both directions at once, you can have one exhale bring one hemisphere up, and another bring the other hemisphere down.) You are now standing within a sphere of shining Blue-White Light.

9)Now walk back to the center of the circle where you began and continue to face East.

10) Call upon the Archangel of the East, Raphael. This is easily done by chanting his name. As you call upon him, visualize him rising upwards in front of you, facing away from you in a protective stance. If you can add in visual elements that are Airy - such as a wind blowing through his robes. If you are especially visual, the color yellow is the most appropriate for the attire of Raphael of the East. When you feel that he is strongly present, you may move on.

11) Call upon the Archangel of the West, Gabriel. Again, chanting the name works well. As you call, visualize him/her rising upwards behind you, facing away from you in a protective stance. If you can, visualize Watery elements, such as running water at his feet, or rain. The color blue is the most appropriate for the attire of Gabriel of the West. When you feel that s/he is strongly present, you may move on.

12) Call upon the Archangel of the South, Michael. As you call, visualize him rising upwards to your right, facing away from you protectively. If you are able, add visual elements of Fire - giving him a fiery sword is especially powerful. Red is the most appropriate color for his robes. When you feel that he is strongly present, you may move on.

13) Call upon the Archangel of the North, Uriel. As you call, visualize him/her rising upwards to your left, facing away from you protectively. Earthy elements are good here, such as crops, or grass, and earthtones such as brown or olive are appropriate robe colors for Uriel. When you feel s/he is strongly present, you may complete the visualization.

14) Take a moment to bask in the energy created by the four Archangels. Let it permeate you and fully permeate the space. Strongly affirm the completed and gaurded circle of clearance and protection. Thank the Archangels for their protection and ask that they stay with you.

15) When you are ready to conclude, bring your consciousness back to your center, and re-affirm your connection to the Divine. It is done!

This may seem like a long and involved visualization, but once you are thoroughly familiar with it it need only take about 3-5 minutes to complete. When you are completely intimate with it and the energies that it creates, you can simply visualize yourself going through the motions (while still standing in the center) and it will be completely effective - which is great if you wish to do it while you have a client present.

Again, this is a fantastic tool for practitioners of all kinds to have in thier spiritual hygiene repetoir. And Reiki II practitioner can have one more use of the CKR symbol to practice with!

So the steps outlined above create a space clear of unwanted energetic influences, and a boundary of angelic protection. Now what if you'd like to charge that sphere up with large amounts of Light energy? Doing so can be extremely helpful if you know that a particular client is in need of extra energetic support, or you simply would prefer to work in an energetically charged atmosphere (as opposed to a neutral one, such as we've just created). Charging up one's aura can also add another layer of protection, as it is even more difficult for unwanted influence to gain access to our energy bodies if they are not only protected, but charged with Light.

The following steps are simply a modified version of the above ritual, with the changed intent of charging as opposed to clearing.

Please always CLEAR FIRST, then charge.

If you are a Reiki IIIM-T use your DKM or other system's Master Symbol. If you are of a faith that has a specific symbol that encapsulates the invocation of White Light go through the following steps for the strongest effect. If you do not have a different symbol to use, you can always use the same symbol that you used in the clearing - just make sure to be clear that this time the intent in to invoke a great deal of Light.

1) After creating your cleared and protected sphere, and having brought yourself back to center, take a moment to concentrate on your new intent to charge the sphere with Light.

2) With the new intent walk back to the East, as you did in the beginning. Again visualize your finger as glowing with Golden White Light. Draw your Light symbol as before, affirming its intention to bring in large amounts of Light. When finished bring your finger back to the center of the Eastern quadrant, then draw the equator line as you walk to the South.

3) Repeat step 2 at the South, West, and North.

4) Complete your equator of light in the East. Take a deep breath and on the exhale visualize the hemisphere rising above and descending below to create a sphere of extremely bright, Golden White Light.

5) Call on each Archangel as before - only this time see them turn inwards towards you pouring their Light energy into the circle. Start with Raphael in the East in front of you, then Gabriel in the West behind you, Michael in the South to your right, and then Uriel in the North to your left.

Take a few moments to visualize the power of the four Archangels pouring into the sphere. You may wish to beam Reiki, or other healing energy into the circle as well to be a proactive member of this creation process. Feel the sphere filling up completely, becoming permeated with the Golden White Light.

7) When you feel that the sphere is full, affirm the creation of this charged sphere of Light. Thank the Archangels for their presence and ask that they stay with you.

8) When you are ready to conclude, bring your consciousness back to your center, and re-affirm your connection to the divine. If you need to ground any excess energies, then do so.

You are now protected by and aided energetically by the four Archangels!!

If you do not wish to work with symbols, or want an abbreviated version of the charging (still make sure to go through the entire clearing first though), at the conclusion of the clearing, simply go straight to the visualization of the four Archangels turning inwards to charge the sphere.

The more often you practice this, the stronger and more clear the visualizations will be, and the more palpably you will be able to feel the presence and energy of the Archangels.

Using this visualization can be a fantastic way to make the aquaintance of these Archangels, and introduce their energies into your healing practice. Over time you may become aware of them being actively involved with your healing work. Michael and Raphael are with me during nearly every healing session now. It's great having 2 extra sets of hands to help with the work...and the wings can do wonders, too!

In any case, experimenting with various methods of psychic cleansing, protection, and charging are an important part of energetic practice. This is one that is particularly powerful. It not only works extremely well prophalactically, but it can be used after you realize there's been a energetic breach and you are in need of emergency clearance.

One doesn't need to be a healing practitioner to use this. This visualization will work for anyone who wishes energetic clearance, protection and charging. It can be a wonderful practice for those who are ill or are prone to illness, or for those who work in energetically challenging environments such as hospitals, or public service, or for anyone who would like to increase their energetic health and maintain a healthy subtle balance.

Those who resonate with this visualization and who decide to practice it daily, will notice a strongly positive shift in their energy body, and any areas where they regularly use this. Using the clearing and charging in the morning can be a fantastic preparation for the day ahead, and may even replace the need for morning stimulants like coffee! Using the clearing at night (you may find the charging too high-voltage just before bed, so it's not recommended for most) can help rid you of any psychic dust, calm the energy and mind, and provide you with Divine companionship and protection as you journey through the dream realms.

I invite those who feel interested to try this visualization and see how it works for them!

Many blessings on your healing journey!