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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Manifesting Goals with a Reiki Box

Lately I've been running across alot of people asking questions about using Reiki to manifest one's goals. I thought I would use this article to address some of the options available to Reiki practitioners along these lines. Firstly I'd like to say that one is free to experiment with using Reiki in any way that they intuit - you don't have to stick with currently popular techniques. Even within those popular methods there are many variations in the exact application of them, so even if you do wish to use one of these methods, you should feel free to tweak them to suit your own needs and preferences.

Before I go any further, we should address how the Reiki energy will function when directed towards goal manifestation. Reiki energy, as any practitioner should know, is pure White Light - so it cannot cause harm, and can only work for the Highest Good of the person, place or thing towards which it is directed. This should be taken into consideration when deciding which goals you which to work towards manifesting with Reiki energy. You're going to want to carefully consider WHY you want to manifest that goal, and WHAT you want to accomplish through it's manifestation. If the reason is purely selfish (and it's ok to have a few purely selfish goals) it may not be the most appropriate goal to utilize the Reiki manifestation methods with. However, if by acheiving this goal, you will be enabled to serve others in some fashion - in other words there would be some altruistic effects, or it will enable you to better express your Divine Self and fulfill your purpose - then this may very well be a goal that the White Light of Reiki will enable you to manifest.

So let's say you have the goal of increasing your financial abundance. You've taken some time to examine your desire for this and have determined that having a greater cash-flow would alleviate some of the stress you feel about debts, decrease the debt faster, which would free up more expendable money that you could invest in expanding your healing practice. Or that would allow you to cut back slightly on the hours you work, freeing up valuable time you can spend with your children and spouse. Or would free up time which would allow you to volunteer at that animal shelter you've been wanting to help out at. You can see how in these cases increasing financial abundance actually helps spread more Love and Light throughout the world. However if you wanted more money simply so you could trade-in your car for the newest, fully-loaded SUV just so you could feel more affluent...well, there's really no Universal benefit from that result, and perhaps that indicates that you have some self-worth issues that you are not dealing with in the most appropriate manner. In any case, examining your reasons for wanting to acheive your goals can often be enlightening, and can help you indentify some important elements of your current life-path and give you new determination and motivation to working towards manifesting them!

Now that you've got an idea of what you want to work towards, how can you use Reiki to help manifest them? Well one method is known as the "Reiki Box". (This is also sometimes called a "Wish Box", however for me the word 'wish' denotes a fantasy that is very unlikely to come true - but a 'goal' is something achievable however fantastic it may be; so I refer to it as a "Reiki Box" and the things that go inside of it 'goals'.) The Reiki Box has become quite popular, and is often taught in Level 2 or 3 Reiki classes, depending on the focus of the class. Reiki Boxes can be used as a form of distance healing, as well as for manifesting goals or wishes, so they are versitile. There are many slightly different ways of making and using a Reiki Box, and all are equally effective. What is important is that the practitioner feel completely comfortable and resonate with whatever version they decide to use.

To start, one first creates the physical Reiki Box. Many people search out a beautiful decorative wooden or glass box that they are particularly attracted to - there are many such boxes available online, or often in gift stores. Some people make their own Reiki Box by decorating a shoe-box or sturdy gift-box in a way that speaks to them personally. Others create a temporary Reiki Box from paper alone that will be disposed of once the goal has manifested, a method we'll talk about a little later. Most commonly however, practitioners create or buy a Reiki Box that they will use over and over again for the specific purpose of manifesting goals &/or performing distance healings. Many of those who use a Reiki Box will adorn the inside of the box with whichever Reiki symbols they feel will help direct the energy in the most appropriate way. The Power symbol (as it concentrates the force of the energy) and the Distance Healing symbol (as it bypasses the space-time continuum) are the most commonly used - however I'm sure you can see how the Mental/Emotional Healing symbol could also be useful. The most important part in acquiring and decorating the Reiki Box is that a feeling of sacred connection is felt, and that it is pleasing to look at and inspires a feeling of joy.

I personally think that getting involved in the creation of the box in some way is important - even if you are starting out with a pre-made box. Decorating the inside of the box is a very good way to do this. If the material of the box allows, you could paint the Reiki symbols on the inside walls, or otherwise attach the symbols inside. Those who have not yet learned the Reiki symbols should feel free to decorate it in whatever way seems appropriate and effective to them, perhaps by using sacred symbols that are important to them personally. Some practitioners like to include healing crystals in their Reiki Box, which could be as simple as including a few stones inside, or as complex as attaching a few crystals into a grid to the sides of the box (I'll talk about Reiki Crystal Grids in an upcoming article). By putting some extra time, thought and energy into the create and preparation of the Reiki Box your mind focuses on the project at hand, and all the positive effects that you will see through it's usage. It helps make the personal connection to the Reiki Box stronger, and embues the box with your own intent as to its purpose. This all helps make the box sacred.

Once you have finished making the box, you will want to spiritually cleanse and consecrate it...which basically dedicates it to working for the Highest Good. Running the completed Reiki Box through some cleansing incense, such as sage or frankincense, will do a nice job of clearing it of any unneccessary energies. If you've included crystals into your Reiki Box remember to cleanse and dedicate them as well. Make sure to visualize the smoke clearing away any debris and bringing in Light. You can then Reiki the Reiki Box to consecrate it, making sure to say an affirmation or prayer while you do so stating your intent to dedicate it towards manifesting only the Highest Good. Once your Reiki Box is personalized, cleansed, and consecrated, put it into a place of honor (on an meditation altar, in your healing room, or anywhere else where it is out of the way and in a special place) and then you can begin using it to manifest your goals!

Using the Reiki Box is very simple. The first step is to write down the goal you would like to manifest on a piece of paper.Make this goal into an affirmative, positive statement that speaks of the goal as if it had already manifested. Starting these goal-affirmations with "I AM" is particularly powerful, as it taps into the deepest levels of your subconsciousness. So rather than writing "I would like to get a raise", you should write something more along the lines of "I AM effortlessly manifesting a promotion", or "I AM manifesting increased compensation for my excellent service". Whether you do or do not wish to use "I AM' in your affirmation (I realize sometimes it can seem clumsy - but I find that using 'I AM effortlessly manifesting' as a starting phrase usually works out very well), try to create a goal-affirmation that paints a vivid picture in your mind and that has a pleasant rhythm to it. This way you can visualize your goal manifesting as you affirm it. These are tools used to enact the Law of Attraction and are very potent if used correctly. If you'd like more information about utilizing the Law of Attraction and affirmations to make positive and dramatic changes in your life, then I suggest you pick up a copy of The Secret or any of Louise L. Hay's books.

You may choose to decorate the paper upon which you've written your goal-affirmation with Reiki symbols that you feel will aid in the goal's manifestation. Take some time with the creation of this paper, as it represents your desires. Perhaps use some colored construction paper instead of a plain white or lined sheet. Maybe use a calligraphy pen to make it particularly attractive. If you like stickers, you can put some on there that pertain to that goal. If you have a special oil blend that you feel will contribute to the goal, you can annoint the edges or corners of the paper with it. What is important is that as you create the paper, you repeat your goal-affirmation and accompanying visualization over and over to yourself. Try and build up an excited and positive emotional charge towards that goal-affirmation paper as the representation of your goal manifested. When you have finished creating the paper, hold it between your hands and send Reiki energy to it. Also send all the joyful energy that you've built up by repeating the affirmation and visualizing yourself acheiving the goal to your heart chakra and then down through your arms and out the palm chakras into that paper. When you're finished, place that paper into the waiting Reiki Box!!

The final step is simply remembering to send some Reiki into the Reiki Box for a few minutes everyday, knowing that the Reiki energy will speed towards the goal inside. If you want to, you can re-affirm and visualize the goal as you do so - however, try and forget about the goal in the Reiki Box at all other times. You want to try and remain unattached from WHEN the goal will manifest, and especially from HOW the goal will manifest. You especially don't want to give yourself a chance to doubt that the goal will manifest or that the Reiki Box will work. That way the energies of your thoughts will not tamper with all the good energy and work you put towards placing that goal into the care of Reiki and the Reiki Box, and will leave all possible avenues open for it to manifest!

One interesting thing about Reiki Boxes is that you can work towards multiple goals at once, by placing several goal-affirmation papers inside. You don't have to put them in all at once - in fact it's much better to prepare and place the different papers into the Box on different days, so that you can give each seperate goal-affirmation paper the time and attention it deserves. However, when you have several different goals going at once, it's easier to just put them into the Reiki Box and then 'forget' about them. Just make sure to send some Reiki into the Reiki Box everyday, and know that the Reiki energy will go towards each goal equally.

Basically the Reiki Box is a container that sends Reiki to any needs placed inside, so you can even place papers with pictures or names of people who need healing energy as well. In fact many practitioners are first presented with directions for making and maintaining a Reiki Box as a distance healing method, rather than for goal manifestation. It works the same way, except that you would create a healing-paper to go into the Reiki Box for the intended recipient, rather than a goal-affirmation paper. Then the Reiki you send into the Box each day would go towards healing that individual. Some practitioner feel that Reiki Boxes for goal manifestation should be kept seperate from Reiki Boxes meant for distant healing, and that is certainly a valid perspective. It helps keep the intent of the Box very clear, which is certainly important in the case of goal manifestation. It's up to you whether you wish to use your Reiki Box for both distance healing AND goal manifestation, or only one or the other.

Once your goal does manifest, remove that goal-afffirmation paper from the Reiki Box and dispose of it in whatever way seem most appropriate. Some users burn the paper as a form of closure to the work. It also keeps the feeling a bit more sacred than if you simply pitched the paper into the garbage can! I've read online that some practitioners make a paper Reiki Box so that the entire Box can be burned at the conclusion of the work. Others were taught to only send Reiki towards goals for 21 days and then remove the papers from the Reiki Box. For me personally I don't see the point in putting a limit on how much time you provide the goal with Reiki energy. Things often take a little while to manifest, and if you truely desire them for the right reasons, then they deserve your faith and time. However, if it's been in there a year and still hasn't shown any signs of manifesting, perhaps you need to revisit what you want and why you want it, and then revise your goal-affirmation to reflect those changes! Again, use whatever "rules" and "procedures" that make the most sense to YOU. Reiki is an intuitive energetic art, after all.

Once you have your Reiki Box up and running, it will be there for your to use forever! If you do go awhile without using it, you will want to re-cleanse and consecrate it to make sure it is properly prepared. If you're using it consistantly, though, you shouldn't need to do that. Those who have incorporated crystals or crystal grids into their Reiki Box will want to take whatever measures they feel appropriate to keep the crystals charged - if Reiki is flowing into the Box daily, that also shouldn't be a problem.

Those who do go to the effort to make a Reiki Box are usually extremely pleased with it and with the results that they see! It can be alot of fun, as well as rewarding. So if you've got some goals that you'd like to work towards, why not create a Reiki Box and see what the Universe has in store for you?